Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday 4th August

Well, those Swallows must have been very good sailors! We rented a sailing dinghy yesterday (a Wayfairer, a very nice boat, very comfortable for four of us) and had a wonderful 3 hour sail tacking up Coniston towards Wildcat island (actually called Peel island) following pretty much the route described in their story. We didn't make it as the wind was against us, but we did make great progress. Frances, George and Charlie made great crew, manning the jib sheet, sitting out on the rail and leaning back to balance the boat, plenty of 'ready about', 'lee ho' and 'aye aye skipper'! We made it back to the jetty bang on time. It was a really lovely day - a good breeze, beautiful sunshine, great fun. We had well earned ice creams on the shorefront, and then cycled back to the campsite. We packed up ready for an early start to Loch Ness this morning - good plan, as we've woken to pouring rain today!
So, a long drive ahead - 6-8 hours. Let's hope it's less eventful than the last leg!

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