Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday 9th August, Loch Linnhe

We've had a fun day today - drove from our loch-side site back up through Fort William and on to Arisaig and Malaig, a working fishing harbour. We'd planned to find a fishing trip to see if we could catch some mackerel - I have very clear memories of hauling them up five at a time into the Mirror dinghy with Dad when we visited the Ardnamurchan peninsular - that must have been in 1975! We found out about a possible skipper, and booked ourselves in via a call to his sister, but we discovered later in the day that he'd been over subscribed and couldn't take us. Nevertheless, we had a fun day on the beach - Charlie put on her wetsuit and bravely went in for a bit of surfing (wasn't much surf!). George made a dig for Australia, so deep was the hole he dug in the dunes. Frances supervised, and I had a very pleasant doze! The sun put in a brief appearance, and it even got warm enough to unzip my coat (but not to take it or my fleece off!).
I did a quick check on the weather forecast on the way home: here, in mid summer, it's forecast to be raining and twelve degrees tomorrow. And in Sydney, in mid winter? Eighteen and sunny!
We've decided to stay on an extra night here and brave the weather tomorrow to go on the elusive fishing trip. We're meeting Ewan at 10.00 in Malaig. Fingers crossed the weather's not going to be too bad for him to take us out.
We'll head off from here early on Thursday morning...we'll dry the awning out later!

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