Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday 3rd August, Conniston

Yesterday was a drama free day - hallelujah! We went for a lovely drive along the winding Wynrose and Hardknott mountain passes (not for the faint hearted, nor for those who can't reverse - we witnessed several cars getting into all sorts of difficulties trying to reverse up or downhill into passing spaces). At the summit of Wynrose set off for a hike - a steep climb up a beautiful grassy mountain towards the summit of Scafell Pike. Despite the low cloud, we had glimpses of spectacular views over beautiful valleys below as we ate our picnic lunch - breathtaking beauty, and incredible that this is all so close to the coast. Then home for a barbecue, and finally a late evening cycle to the Bluebird Cafe on the shore of Conniston for ice-creams and beer. We met the owner who told us it was destroyed in the floods of 2009 and has been beautifully rebuilt, re-opened this year by Donald Campbell's daughter. The lake is so still and peaceful - reminiscent of our time at Walker's Pond in Maine with the Paisleys. Must have been incredible when Campbell's Bluebird K7 shattered the peace and tranquility as it hurtled down the lake at over 300mph!
And it's finally stopped raining!
We're booked to rent a sailing dinghy this afternoon to sail on the lake, in the wake of Swallows and Amazons. Wildcat Island here we come...line up the trees with the white cross and sail right in! 

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