Wednesday, September 14, 2011

14th September: Charlie's blog post from Flam Camping in Norway

We are now in Norway and we are staying on a lovely campsite. There is a train near us and when it comes past we can hear it because we are right opposite the tracks. The station and village is a 3 minute scooter ride so George and I went to the shop to buy the bread. At lunch time we got on the train and had our lunch and went in loads of tunnels and past loads of massive waterfalls then when we got out of the train for our walk to the next station it was raining. Dad and I skipped the first part while Mum and George walked behind. In the middle my boots got soaked and that was the end of the skipping!!!! Finally we finished the 21 bends and found a goat farm and bought some goat cheese and goat salami, I didn’t know about eating goat’s salami and guess what?????? It looked a bit like cucumber!!! We also we walked to the next station with 3 minutes to spare!! When we got home we went to the railway museum, Gom and Grandpa David would have loved it.
I am loving this trip!!!!!

From Charlie 

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  1. Great to hear your news Charlie...have a skip for me xx