Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday 19th September, Rosjobaden, Stockhlom

A quick update:

After torrential rain all night, we made an early start this morning and drove the 300kms From Karlstad to Stockholm. The weather improved as we progressed, but there has clearly been a great deal of rain everywhere. The site we're at is again not so nice – a beautiful setting, but its proximity to the city means the inevitable scattering of run down caravans permanently occupied by local workers, and with all the rain it's looking a bit forlorn. I'm sure it's much nicer in the summer.

We're not yet sure how long we'll stay - a night or two I expect.

Several of you have been posting comments to the blog which aren't showing up - I’ve just changed the settings to allow comments from anyone, as opposed to the default which is just those who subscribe to the site - this should fix it I hope.

Again there's no wireless access here - I’m sitting in the reception plugged in to the internet via a cable – seems very old fashioned! This makes photo posting a bit more difficult. I'll try to post a few when I can.

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