Wednesday, September 21, 2011

21st September, Rosjobaden Camping, Stockholm: posts from George and Charlie

Dear everybody,

We have had a brilliant time in Norway. My favourite place was Flam where we did the kayaking and the train journey. We are now in Sweden and I love it. The campsite we are staying at is quite old and would have been amazing in its heyday. It has a giant waterslide which is unfortunately closed and it’s right on the edge of a wonderful lake. There is a big diving board about five meters high. Dad and I went for a stroll along the lake and then went up the board and dangled our feet off the edge and watched the tiny fresh water fish jump out of the water and snap up the mosquitoes underneath our feet. Surprisingly, we didn’t get bitten once! He asked me how much I would give him if he jumped in and I said nothing! I really enjoy living in a caravan. It seems quite big now that we’ve settled in. Because it has been quite rainy lately, we haven’t been able to put the awning up so Charlie and I have been sleeping in the caravan instead. I really like living in our caravan and I think when we get to Australia, our house is going to be massive. Today I will make my Parma ham and peach salad. I will write the recipe down if any of you want it.

: serves 4 as small side dish or 2 as main meal.


4 small peaches or 2 large ones

1 bag of light lettuce such as lambs’ lettuce or rocket rather than iceberg

1 mozzarella

6 slices of Parma ham

Juice squeezed from half an orange

15 almonds

Balsamic vinegar

Some mint leaves.


First, cut the peaches into quarters, then each quarter into thirds. Then, put the lettuce and peaches in a salad bowl. Then cut the mozzarella up into half and then tear each half into tiny pieces. Then tear up the Parma ham into small shreds. After that chop each almond into three pieces. Then put them both in with the lettuce. Then squeeze the orange into a cup. Add a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar so that the mixture goes brownish orange. Tip the mixture on the salad and add the mint leaves after tearing them up. Toss gently and serve immediately.
I hope you enjoy it,

From George!!!!

Dear everyone,

How are you? I am fine and happy. We are now in Sweden and yesterday we went to the old city in Stockholm called Gamlastan and we were scootering around the cobbled streets until my front wheel fell off my scooter. We went on a boat tour around the islands and canals and lakes and locks and had a great time. The man who showed people aboard gave us the details of a bike shop were we would be able to have my scooter fixed. So we finished the tour and went to the bike shop and saw a penny farthing and mum fell in love with an old fashioned bike. The man said he would give it a try. So we went to a lovely cafĂ© where gay people were welcome, we knew this because they had a rainbow flag outside and then we bumped into some English people. I had an enormous apple muffin and hot chocolate then we all walked back to the bike shop and the man had fixed my scooter… YIPPEEEEEE!!!! Sweden is lovely and I love Stockholm. It is raining today so we are going to the royal palace.Luckily yesterday we went for a family run so we don’t need to go for one today thank goodness!!!!!!! We are off now so I have to go but I will write another blog entry soon.

Lots of love Charlie    

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  1. Hello nomdic campers, this is attempt 2 at posting so apologies if you got the first one!
    Have finally found time to read your wonderful blogs now that school is underway and the little man is snooziing after a long swim! It sounds like Denmark was fantastic - would love to visit all those fjords one day. It sounds like you are having amazing adventures. Glad you found 'The Scream' - i had a postcard of it in my school diary for years!!
    George your poem is lovely - i can just picture the scene and i think your recipe might just be the answer to our abundance of rocket growing in the greenhouse!
    Look forward to reading some more soon,
    Happy caravaning.
    with lots of love from Sue bm, Oscar & Kes xxx